HILL Online Matching

You receive numerous job applications every day and would like to manage your personnel selection in a more efficient manner. Then we have the perfect solution for you! HILL Online Matching enables you to save valuable working time and thus reduce expenses too!

Reduce costs with time-efficient candidate preselection!
Individual predispositions are registered via online questionnaires and compared to the requirements of any amount of positions in your company. An "exclusion criteria" filter frees you from the arduous initial screening of job applications. You receive a candidate ranking list as well as the questionnaire results.

Candidates are treated in an appreciative manner
Furthermore, the candidates receive an automated response - and your company benefits twofold: Candidates are treated in an appreciative manner and candidate administration is managed efficiently.
Rainer Hochfellner, HR Director at bauMax describes his motivation to introduce HILL Online Matching as follows

"We wanted to…
1. offer support to our Market Managers aimed at locating the best and especially best suited candidates from a large pool of applicants.
2. gain time for the Market Directors to conduct high-quality interviews with the best candidates."
Rainer Hochfellner, former HR Director at bauMax

You will find further details in our Managementmailer 01_2006 or in the section case studies.

See for yourself - and request information on how HILL Matching may be applied to your company!